Data visualization of a country's data
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Inspired by DATA USA this is a REACT project that utilize public data API for data visualization. In particular, the application will illustrate a snapshot of a country using data such as the World Bank API and the DHS dataset.

demo: A World Snapshot

Data sources

  1. DHS: DHS data set is published by US AID. Following its API documents, indicators are selected to depict a country's well doing.
  2. The World Bank: Another comprehensive data set is The World Bank set. Check out its indicators page for a list of available indexes. Note that official document is still refering to v1 version of the API, which will block on CORS requests. Using v2/en endpoint instead. For example, to get a list of country names:
var api = "";


  • Materialize: "A modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design" by their words.
  • REACT: core
  • webpack: new module builder that is making lot of buzz these days.
  • fetch: a new way to talk to API endpoints instead of jQuery AJAX.


  1. Install nvm and node 9.4.
  2. npm install: to pull all dependencies
  3. npm run dev
  4. browse localhost:8080, browser will auto-refresh when webpack detects a change to source files.


  1. npm run build
  2. goto /dist
  3. pip install awscli
  4. assuming you have setup your AWS account, aws s3 sync . s3://
  5. verify on a browser.