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1.2 Sun May 6 15:47:36 CDT 2012:
- Fixed bug #14. Broken symbolic links can now be deleted.
- Implemented the admin insertion method from Carson Gee (Formunculous)
- Including the relevant Silk icons from they were released under
both the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Not all of the
icons are included with this application, I encourage everyone to
have a look at the set it is a very nice set.
- Use CSS and icons by default.
- Add ability to use settings.FILE_IGNORE_LIST that is a list of
files or directories to ignore. (ie. .svn, .htaccess)
- Add {% csrf_token %} to forms.
- Fixed broken ignore that caused all dropdowns to be empty.
FILE_IGNORE_LIST files are not shown in the ui, full directory paths
are not shown in the dropdowns.
- Updated to Django 1.4
1.1.1 Fri Nov 20 21:47:56 CST 2009:
- Backported relpath from python 2.6 to allow file manager to work in
older version of python.
1.1 Thu Nov 05 22:37:00 CST 2009:
- Python 2.3 fixes. [sorted(list) to list.sort()]
- Add the ability to add symbolic links. (Unix Only)
- Adjust templates and index template to handle symbolic links.
- Add the ability to copy files and directories.
- Editing now preserves original file line endings.
- Add the delete selected items grouped action.
1.0.3 Thu Jun 25 14:07:33 CDT 2009:
- Changed text field to vLargeTextField class, so it will be big by
- Added 404 failure for update fialing to open a file for update.
- Corrected handling of unicode file content.
1.0.2 Fri Jun 19 10:29:55 CDT 2009:
- Fixed Directory form not to show child directories of the current
directory to move.
1.0.1 Thu Jun 18 12:47:08 CDT 2009:
- Fix password/logout links in the template.
- Ensure that directories can not be moved into themselves.
- Change documentation about correct placement of include
1.0 Wed Jun 17 22:40:26 CDT 2009:
- Added to have common utilities.
- Rename, Make directory, Move, Upload, update
- Made the directory selector sort properly
- Delete works.
- Create new file works.
- Split permissions to file/directories vs objects
- Fix templates to look like the default admin.
- Files to delete link to the live site.
- Fixed all url names to be "admin_file_manger_<aciton>" to make the
possiblity of url clash smaller.
- Added permission checks to templates.
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