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ResponsiveAeon, elegant & minimalistic css3 grid system framework!

This's the new version from HTML5 NewAeon Framework. Now with a responsive grid all based in percentage with mediaqueries, html5 starting point and javascript.

=================================================================== FEATURES:

--CSS grid system--

Basic responsive grid system based on 12 columns layout. Minimum width 1104px.Very easy to understand and use. Allready with @mediaqueries.

--Html5 starting point--

All the New HTML5 elements in usage like: article, aside, details, figcaption, figure, footer, header, hgroup, menu, nav, section, dialog, audio, canvas,video are supported with the include of html.js.

--Javascript Non-Obstrutive--

All javascript loading in parallel with: head.js Your page will be faster even with a single combined file. Also include some jquery scripts for presentation.


--Folder & File Structure--

css - folder (12-col_response.css).

js - folder (respond.min.js + selectnav.js + head.js + custom.js).

images - folder (favicon.ico and iphone icons).

12-col_response - file (html5 template).

Templates - folder (Psd, Ai, Png + Sublime Text Snippets).


More infos and an extra package with more features check it out:

A simple demo can be chacked here:

Enjoy and contribute!