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(Feature Request) minImageWidth, minImageHeight #406

1c7 opened this Issue Aug 7, 2018 · 1 comment


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1c7 commented Aug 7, 2018

1. Current situation (as 2018-Aguest-7)

cropperjs have 3 methods for set

  • setData(data)
  • setCanvasData(data)
  • setCropBoxData(data)

2. What I want

Crop image no less then certain width or height


  • Image A is 4000px * 3000px

I want crop image no smaller than 760px * 430px

3. What I propose in this issue

add minImageWidth and minImageHeight as option

const cropper = new Cropper(image, {
  aspectRatio: 430 / 760,
  minImageWidth: 430,  // THIS
  minImageHeight: 760,  // THIS

4. What they do

  • minImageWidth cropbox no less then this natural width
  • minImageHeight cropbox width no less then this natural height

5. You may ask, isn't setCropBoxData for this?
I though the same at first. but the width and height are base on page, not image.
My container is 450x300
My image is 1658 × 1104
if I want image no less then 760x430, the following code doesn't work

      var cropper = new Cropper(cropperImg, {
        aspectRatio: 760/430, // Yes, aspect ratio same as minimum size
        crop(event) {
          if(event.detail.height < 430){
              left: event.detail.left,
              height: 430, // this doesn't work, it's base on page. which is 300 height. which expand and take entire height. not image height (base on 1104)

6. I already solve this(minimum size) using the following code

      var self = this;
      let cropperImg = this.$refs['cropperImg']

      cropperImg.addEventListener('crop', (event) => {
        let minHeight = 430; // pixel
        const canvasData = self.cropper.getCanvasData();
        var heightRatio = canvasData.height / canvasData.naturalHeight; 
         // HERE, heightRatio are important

        if(event.detail.height < minHeight){ // control min height
            left: event.detail.left,
            height: minHeight * heightRatio, // must multiply with heightRatio

      this.cropper = new Cropper(cropperImg, {
        aspectRatio: 1 / 0.5657, // 430px/760px
        dragMode: 'move',
        viewMode: 1,
        zoomable: false,
        autoCropArea: 1,

7. Working Result

  • crop area can not less then 430px height
  • because I set aspectRatio, I don't have to write code to control the width too)


8. Conclusion

seem like we have 2 option:

  1. change setCropBoxData base on image size, not container size
  2. add minImageWidth and minImageHeight

9. Last

This just a propose, not asking or requiring you to do anything, after all it's free and open source.
I just want let you know this and know your opinion :)

Thank you


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fengyuanchen Aug 25, 2018


Thanks for your propose, but I will suggest you to use minCanvasWidth/Height directly as the canvas size is the same as the image's when it not rotated.


fengyuanchen commented Aug 25, 2018

Thanks for your propose, but I will suggest you to use minCanvasWidth/Height directly as the canvas size is the same as the image's when it not rotated.

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