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As long as your pull request doesn't break the app in any way or conflict with an ongoing change (check the open issues first or send me an email to make sure this doesn't happen), it will likely be accepted. I have a lot of projects and may not get around to reviewing pull requests right away. If you have contributed to this project before and would like to be added to this repository as a collaborator, feel free to send me an email and ask.


I am using the develop branch for all changes that will not be immediately available on bintray. Most PRs should be made to the develop branch. The only reason that a PR should be made to master is when there is a typo/inconsistency in the README or a similar issue (in /docs, for example) is present. If you make a PR to master that changes something other than a .md file, I will stare at my screen and make ugly whale noises for approximately 10 minutes before politely asking you to change the branch. Thank you.

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