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Fenom - Template Engine for PHP

Fenóm - lightweight and fast template engine for PHP.

Quick Start


If you use composer in your project then you can to install Fenom as package.


There is two-way to create Fenom instance:

  • Long way: use operator new
  • Shot way: use static factory-method

Long way. Create you own template provider or default provider Fenom\Provider (that is provider read there). Using provider instance create Fenom instance:

$fenom = new Fenom(new Fenom\Provider($template_dir));

After that, set compile directory:


This directory will be used for storing compiled templates, therefore it should be writable for Fenom. Now Fenom is ready to work and now you can to configure it:


Short way. Creating an object via factory method with arguments from long way.

$fenom = Fenom::factory($template_dir, $template_cache_dir, $options);

Now Fenom is ready to work.