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GraphQL & Relay powered by thinky / RethinkDB.
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Graphql-thinky helps you to construct your GraphQL schema and the communication layer to a RethinkDB backend. It will perform batched and optimised queries, during graphql requests. the library is powered by the fantastic thinky ORM and Graphql / RelayJS which rely on.

Inspired by the great graphql-sequelize. If you have a SQLs application i suggest to look at it.

###Documentation You can find it here:

Example: Here


This library has been just backed with 💗 and with in it's early version can already provide pleasure to build your own GraphQL schema; although it needs the community support to grow and evolve to achieve the v1.0.

Here is the features not yet implemented, that i'm willing to add over the time.

  • Subscription helpers for graphql, so that we can fully use RethinkDB amazing change feed
  • Mutation helpers, to allow create simple mutation in few lines
  • Custom query overwrites - to allow the developer to extend the default query behaviour of graphql-thinky on every Node.
  • Increase test case coverage
  • and much more when new feature are requested from the folks...


To contribute to the repo, you can do it in few ways:

  • Bugs: Open a issue into github, add the test case to reproduce the bug (if possible)
  • New features: Open an issue into github, explain the needs of the feature once the feature is agreed i will happy to receive Pull request with related tests cases, if you can't do that I'll try to help for the implementation.

Note: As the repository grow we will add more strict guidelines for contribution


I want to thanks the technologies that allowed graphql-thinky to be built. Here the links
Folks & contributors of the repo


Doc Design and Logo:

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