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NinjaScan-Slim is an extream-small (0.6 x 1.6 inch, approximately 15 x 41 mm) motion logger, which is smaller than NinjaScan-Light. It consists of

  1. Silicon Laboratories C8051F381 MCU providing USB connectability,
  2. u-blox MAX-7 series GPS receiver with an internal antenna,
  3. 6 DOF inertial sensor, Invensense MPU-6000,
  4. 3-axis magnetic sensor, Freescale MAG3110,
  5. Pressure and temperature sensor, Measurement specialties MS5611,
  6. Power management including Li-Ion battery charger, Linear Technology LTC4080, and
  7. MicroSD supporting SDHC/FAT32.

The major differences between NinjaScan-Slim and NinjaScan-Light are

  • their size; NinjaScan-Slim is smaller.
  • GPS antenna; NinjaScan-Slim is integrated with an internal antenna as well as supporting an external antenna (optional), while NinjaScan-Light must be used with an external antenna.
  • connectability; NinjaScan-Light can provide data for telemetry, however, NinjaScan-Slim cannot. The other functions are the same. Both firmware are identical.
Photo of _NinjaScan-Slim_ Rev.B (latest) with LiPo battery.


EagleCAD files are available (schematics and layout).


  • IC1 must be soldered before IC4, because IC1 has its bottom pad, which will be connected to the board with a via hidden by IC4.
Part Value Package Multiple
ANT1 Pulse W3011A 1
C1, C3, C4, C5, C12 4.7u / 16V 1608 5
C2 10p / 16V 1005 1
C6, C9, C10, C11, C13, C14, C15, C16, C18, C20, C21 0.1u / 16V 1005 11
C7 2200p / 16V 1005 1
C8 (No-pop) 1005 0
CON2 HRS ZX62-B-5PA(11) 1
IC2 (No-pop) SC89-6 0
IC3 MPU-6000 QFN24 1
IC4 C8051F381-GM QFN32 1
IC5 MAG3110FCR DFN10 1
L1 FLF3215T-100M 10u 3225 1
L2 (No-pop) 1005 0
LED1 Red 1608 1
LED2 Orange 1608 1
LED3 Green 1608 1
LED4 Blue 1608 1
R1, R2, R13 1K 1005 3
R3 470K 1005 1
R4 (Note A, see below), R9, R10 2K 1005 3
R5 150K 1005 1
R6 10K 1005 1
R7, R8 (No-pop) 1005 0
R11, R12 470 1005 2
U1 ST1W008S4BR1500 1
U2 u-blox MAX-7Q 1
U3 (No-pop) 0
U4 (Note B, see below) MS5611-01BA03 LGA8 1
  • Note A: LTC4080, the power management IC, has a function of over-charging protection. Its maximum time of continuous charging operation is approximately 4.5 hr. Thus, R4, which regulates charging current, value will be configured based on capacity of battery to be used and LTC4080 datasheet description.
  • Note B: If possible, MS5611-01BA01, a previous version of MS5611-01BA03 and currently deprecated for new design, is recommended, because MS5611-01BA01 is easier to solder.