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The traceevent library being built in PowerTOP is really a effort by
Steven Rostedt. The long term intent is for Steven to push the trace
event library to distributions, and consume it externally. Right now the
PowerTOP project is keeping in sync with his code posted in the Linux
kernel git under tools/lib/traceevent. We will not take patches into the
traceevent code directly, rather we will be re-basing against that code
If you find a bug in the trace event code, you should to one of two things.
1. Send a patch to the PowerTOP mailing list, which will get forwared to
Steven if appropriate.
2. Send a patch to the PowerTOP mailing list, and
CC: Steven Rostedt <>
Please do use the PowerTOP mailing list to discuss topics about
traceevent as its used with PowerTOP.