Provide a better streaming api in your app.
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Provide a better streaming api for your module.

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var streamin = require('streamin');

// `io` can be a path to a file, a url, or a stream
var stream = streamin(io);

That's the gist of it. With this you can give your code a more conveniet API by allowing streams to be passed into your function and also consider the common use cases of files and urls as inputs or outputs.


streamin(io, [requestOptions])

If io is a path to a file, it will return a stream that points to a local file. If it's a url, a stream from a remote request will be returned. If it detects that io is already a stream, it returns it. Will also decompress a gzip/deflate compressed http stream.

requestOptions can be a hash of options passed to request.


npm install streamin


Tests are written with mocha

npm test