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Command line youtube video downloader.
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A youtube downloader written in Javascript. To be used with the command line. If you're looking to use it in your node program, check out ytdl-core.

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ytdl > myvideo.flv

And it streams!

Usage: ytdl <url> [options]

url     URL to the video.

   -v, --version                  Print program version.
   -q ITAG, --quality ITAG        Video quality to download. Default: highest
   -r INT-INT, --range INT-INT    Byte range to download. ie 10355705-12452856
   -o FILE, --output FILE         Where to save the file. Default: stdout
   --filter-container REGEXP      Filter in format container. Default: -o ext
   --unfilter-container REGEXP    Filter out format container.
   --filter-resolution REGEXP     Filter in format resolution.
   --unfilter-resolution REGEXP   Filter out format resolution.
   --filter-encoding REGEXP       Filter in format encoding.
   --unfilter-encoding REGEXP     Filter out format encoding.
   -i, --info                     Print video info without downloading
   --print-url                    Print direct download url


[sudo] npm -g install ytdl


Tests are written with mocha

npm test



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