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+Title: Solarized Developers
+Description: Notes and Guidelines on Port Development
+Author: Ethan Schoonover
+Tags: test, testing, test123
+Colors: light yellow
+Created: 2011 Mar 15
+Modified: 2011 Apr 14
+Solarized Developers
+## Notes and Guidelines on Port Development
+When developing a port of the Solarized colorscheme that you'd like to see
+included in the main project repository, please consider the following
+1. No hue or color changes. Please keep the same hex/rgb/L*a*b values. If you
+ want to change them, that's fine, but I'd recommend setting it up as a
+2. If you are making a new port, consider creating a repository with just the
+ theme/plugin for your particular port, rather than forking the entire
+ Solarized master repository. This allows your users to pull down just the
+ theme for the application easily. I can also pull in your repository using
+ git-subtree as a subdirectory of the master Solarized project. This is what
+ I do with the Vim and Mutt themes (they each have an independent repo for
+ the convenience of those cloning the project directly into their vim/mutt
+ configuration).
+3. If you are going to fork and modify code, please check to see who the
+ maintainer for the specific Solarized component is. Mail me if you can't
+ find that information in the README for the specific port.
+### README guidlines
+Please include a README for your project that contains the following
+1. A link to the main solarized project page:
+ This page will also have links back to your port/repo as well as
+ attribution. I want to maintain it as the canonical clearing house for all
+ ports, etc.
+2. A link to your project repository
+3. A link to the main solarized repository on github (in addition to the link
+ to the main site above)
+4. Installation instructions as necessary for your port
+See the vim-colors-solarized subdirectory for an example of this. Your README
+doesn't need to be this elaborate, of course, but should be clear enough that
+users can get up and running.

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