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FREEDIAG - Free diagnostic software for OBD-II compliant motor vehicles.

This package contains 'core' software (called 'scantool') which
can be used to access your car's diagnostic system using a laptop
and a suitable interface cable.

scantool's user interface is a somewhat primitive command-line
system - but it also has an application interface ("freediag AIF")
that lets more sophisticated programs use the freediag core whilst
presenting the user with a more appealing interface.

Under this directory are the following sub-directories:

doc      -- Documentation that applies to the package as a whole.
scantool -- Source code for the 'scantool' core package.
include  -- Include files that describe the interface between
            scantool and the GUI application(s).
scangui  -- A basic GUI interface to scantool.

Other GUI applications will appear over time.


scantool is licensed under GPL - but other packages found here
may have other OpenSource licensing arrangements - which is OK
because each is a separate program and does not link against
scantool.  Check in each directory for details.


Each package contains a list of it's contributors.


Refer to doc/build_system.txt for more information;

For the moment, you should not run 'make install' as it will probably
copy files to inappropriate destinations.

freediag uses CMake and your choice of compiler toolchain.
The win32 release is usually compiled with the mingw toolchain.


To run each application, you'll need an appropriate interface
to connect the serial port on a laptop computer to the
OBD-II port on your car.  With most available interfaces,
it would be inadvisable to use a computer powered from
wall socket because your car may not be adequately
Check the README file in each tool directory for detailed instructions.


Issues may be reported either on the SF or GH project pages.
There is also a mailing list and forums hosted on SF.
There is an IRC channel on freenode (irc.freenode.net), #freediag
The current maintainer (fenugrec) can be reached directly @ fenugrec
at users.sourceforge .net.