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Who He Play For?

Steps to build

You need an external database, you can run one with Docker in testing, with the following command
$ docker run -e POSTGRES_USER=whpf -e POSTGRES_DB=whpf -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=whpf -p 5432:5432 postgres:latest
Important: We're not using persistent volumes here because it's only for testing, your data will NOT be saved doing it this way

Then build the whpf Docker image with
$ docker build . -t whpf

Rename env.example to env and edit it accordingly
$ cp env.example env

Run migrations on the container
$ docker run --env-file env whpf python migrate

Then run initial data
$ docker run --env-file env whpf python startdata

And update rosters
$ docker run --env-file env whpf python update_rosters

Finally, run the container in daemon mode
$ docker run --env-file env -p 8000:8000 -d whpf

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