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The website for Phil Lennon


This is the source code for the website of Phil Lennon.

This website has been made with my frontend workflow Garrus v0.7.0.


  • Install Node V4 LTS or Node V6,
  • Run in Terminal: npm i gulp-cli -g (Gulp does not need to be installed globally),
  • Navigate to the workflow folder in command line Terminal,
  • Run: npm i.

Please note that there are a large amount of development dependencies to install, due to the 'all in one' nature of the workflow. It could possibly take a long time to install all the required modules.

Optional Installs

In your code editor of choice, the following plugins are recommended but not required. Note the plugin names might be slightly different depending on your editor.

  • editorconfig,
  • linter,
  • linter-handlebars,
  • linter-js-standard,
  • linter-stylelint.


Run these tasks in your command line Terminal:

gulp [--production] [--debug]

gulp deploy [--production] [--debug]

gulp auditcode

gulp audita11y

  • The gulp task builds the website, watches for changes and starts up a sever,
  • The gulp deploy task builds the website without watching for changes or running the server,
  • The gulp auditcode task runs various linting checks on the project source files,
  • The gulp audita11y task builds the website and adds tota11y for accessibility checking,
  • The --production flag builds minified assets with no sourcemaps,
  • The --debug flag shows the files being created in each task (if the task has a pipe).