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πŸ“” A Metalsmith plugin to add a directory of JSON files for use as global metadata in templates, partials and pages.
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A Metalsmith plugin to add a directory of JSON and/or YAML files for use as global metadata in templates, partials and pages.


This plugin supports adding a directory of .json & .yml/.yaml files and makes their contents available to the Metalsmith global metadata, without needing to declare multiple file names. Subdirectories and multiple files are supported by using a globbing pattern.

Node support

This plugin is supported and tested against all the current Node LTS versions (10 & 12). This plugin should work on Node 6 & 8 but is not supported for these versions.


Install the plugin using npm, and specify the directory of metadata files you want to use, along with a globbing pattern.

$ npm install metalsmith-metadata-directory --save-dev

With Metalsmith CLI

Add the plugin to your metalsmith.json file:

  "plugins": {
    "metalsmith-metadata-directory": {
      "directory": "/src/data/**/*.json"

NOTE: .yml and .yaml file extensions are also supported.

With JavaScript

Pass the plugin into metalsmith.use:

var metalsmith = require('metalsmith')
var metadata = require('metalsmith-metadata-directory')

  directory: '/src/data/**/*.json',
  // or for YAML respectively; be sure to use 'yml' or 'yaml' as file suffix
  directory: '/src/data/**/*.yml'

Plugin ordering

It is vital to order Metalsmith plugins correctly. Please make sure this plugin is included above metalsmith-layouts and metalsmith-in-place and any other plugin which may use your metadata.

Usage within Metalsmith

Data is called by referencing the filename without an extension. For example, if there was a global.json file containing a url key, the reference in your page or template would look like:


Debug mode

This plugin supports debugging output. To enable, use the following command when running Metalsmith:

$ DEBUG=metalsmith-metadata-directory metalsmith



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