Quartet Sampling method for phylogenetic branch support evaluation
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Quartet Sampling

Quartet Sampling is a method to analyze molecular phylogenies by calculating branch support using repeated sampling of quartets. Quartet Sampling differs from other support methods by combining a set of of tests into a single, efficient framework to address phylogenetic discordance. QS is particularly useful for very largv and data-sparse aligmments or large phylogenomic datasets.


See the manual for Quartet Sampling (https://github.com/FePhyFoFum/quartetsampling/blob/master/quartetsampling.pdf).

How to Cite

Quartet Sampling distinguishes lack of support from conflicting support in the plant tree of life James B Pease, Joseph W Brown, Joseph F Walker, Cody E Hinchliff, Stephen A Smith bioRxiv 148536; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/148536

Please also include the URL (https://www.github.com/fephyfofum/quartetsampling).



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