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0.5.0 (2019-05-04)

  • Deploy simple web version of Transity at (5cc24f6)
  • Fix several typos and grammatical errors (0f670a7)

0.4.2 (2019-04-26)

  • Only add relevant files to npm package (1c9dc47)
  • Update dependencies (83992a7)

0.4.1 (2019-04-26)

  • Simplify installation by pre-building Transity and only delivering the built files in the npm package (459d3c0)
  • Add a changelog (c33e03b)

0.4.0 (2019-04-25)

  • Add scripts to retrieve the balance and transactions from several German banks (097eb93, 204874e)
  • Use BigInts instead of Ints for amounts to eliminate rounding errors (30f5408)
  • Add support for initial balances (d6f5799)
  • Add support for verification balances (as demonstrated in verification-balances.yaml) (33684ae)
  • Add support for signed amounts (d8ecabd)
  • Switch to GPL-3.0-or-later license (53c0c0f)
  • Fix npm install by using psc-package instead of bower (5cada63)

0.3.0 (2018-09-10)

  • Add command transfers (3ae89fc)
  • Add command ledger-entries to export to the ledger file format (4be8374)
  • Add commands csv and tsv to print entries in as CSV / TSV (8587e22)

0.2.1 (2018-06-05)

  • Fix test command for CI, fix typos (ac81a8e)
  • Fix references (42f17b3)

0.2.0 (2018-06-05)

  • Don't coerce invalid dates to 1970-01-01 (07f99f5)
  • Add gplot subcommands to allow piping to gnuplot (c25b445)
  • Add entries CLI command to list all entries (3021290)
  • Exit with status code 1 if parsing or validation fails (a7aaf1c)
  • Verify accounts after parsing ledger file (37aff69)
  • Add color support for terminal printing (8b6505c)
  • Implement alignment of entries (bfa602f)

0.1.0-alpha (2018-01-18)

  • Indent entries in balance only as deep as necessary (bcc61a7)
  • Disallow accounts with empty ids, improve error messages (af22b62)
  • Sort entities and accounts ascending in balance output (0ad4aa9)
  • Display horizontal line under ledger meta infos (62d069a)
  • Display better error messages for invalid YAML (7fd26d2)
  • Extend list of features, improve import script (2f624d5)
  • Add support to print balance from command line (4fc0270)
  • Add support for showing the balance (9c89724)
  • Add FAQ section to readme (56d876f)
  • Read and print transactions from yaml file (33b0106)
  • Add import section to (94d3708)
  • Improve layout, colorize output, support arbitrary precision accounts (df078c9)
  • Add a CLI, add commands balance and transactions (c87e74e)
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