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Instagram Realtime API proof of concept
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Instagram realtime demo

This Node.js application implements a client of Instagram realtime API:

  • it receives notifications of new activity in a given geography (in this case, the center of Madrid, Spain),
  • and, if the notification is valid, the last photo of the geography is fetched from the traditional API,
  • and, if this photo is valid, it is send through a websocket channel named 'photos',
  • then, a websocket in the frontend view (index.html) gets the photo and represents it in a map

Each of these two functionalities is performed in the files:

  • app.js: which contains the main Node.js application
  • index.html: which renders the map and gets notifications through a websocket from the Node.js application

To see the project on-line visit this URL: (

Special thanks

  • @denegro for the HTML and the CSS
  • @cartodb for the styling of the map
  • @heroku for hosting the application and making the deploy in such a trivial thing
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