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Windchime Stats

Experimental realtime stats in your Toldo shop, powered with Node.JS, Redis and Websockets.


  • hiredis
  • redis
  • Capistrano Ruby gem (for deploying the code)

windchime-stats script

Process visits from a Redis pub/sub channel, stores them and updates the realtime channel.

windchime-stats-realtime script

A proxy that receives information from the realtime channel in Redis and publishes it in the websockets.


Not being pretty sure how is the best way to deploy Node.js applications in production, this project uses two bash scripts which create a pid for each process and support (start|stop|restart) arguments. This way, the processes can be monitored in production using, for example, monit daemon.

Also, Capistrano is configured in config/deploy.rb file. Some of the default tasks of a Ruby on Rails deployment have been overrided to be adapted to a Node.js application.


  • testing


This work ‘as-is’ we provide.

No warranty express or implied.

We’ve done our best,

to debug and test.

Liability for damages denied.

Permission is granted hereby,

to copy, share, and modify.

Use as is fit,

free or for profit.

On this notice, these rights rely.


Developed by Fernando Blat, for Toldo. Feel free to contact me for any question, suggestion or comments.