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Bertconf is a simple app that will convert on-disk BERT (Binary Erlang Term Format) files and convert them at run-time into ETS tables.

The files are constantly renewed and auto-reloaded if/when they change.

How to build

$ ./rebar compile

Run Tests

$ ./rebar ct

DB format

The format is equivalent to the Erlang Term format that follows:

{NameSpace, [
 {1, {staging, <<"9881">>},
 {2, {production, <<"21361">>},
 {3, {production, <<"1364">>},
 {4, {development, <<"21350">>},
 {5, {production, <<"1368">>}
{OtherName, [{Key, Val}]}.

Take that format, term_to_binary it (or generate it from another language that understands BERT), put it in a file with a .bert extension, and then put it in some directory (say config/). Add the following values to your config file:

  {bertconf, [
    {dir, ["./config/"]}

And then start the app. You should then be able to call it as follows:

case bertconf:read(NameSpace, Key) of
    {ok, Val} -> do_something(Val);
    undefined -> undefined
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