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Add your message and I'll be waiting for requests to pull my finger.

@QwertyManiac requests pulling this message onto your finger.
@fjl requesting a finger pull
@iamvfl I'd like to pull your finger
@ostera one fart-less finger pull please
@lynmuldrow pulls your finger without asking
@irisschaffer opening pull request for my finger
@zvoykish Lovely weather in Tel Aviv (29˚c) for pulling fingers
@emileber Pull my finger completely online
@GabLeRoux Pulling that finger all over the internets on a secure channel
@kimond Will you fart if I pull your finger? If so I pull your finger with pleasure.
@giant995 ¡oye! ¡jalame el dedo!
@m0xx I've waited too long to pull your finger!
@jsbed I'll let my cousin pull your finger...
@tmos damn, I did it!
@LeBodro Pulling fingers on the Internets since 2017.
@pcorey 👈️
@starbelly eh...
@fenollp Fais voir ton doigt ?