Run PropEr test suites with rebar3
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Rebar3 Proper Plugin

Run PropEr test suites.

By default, will look for all modules starting in prop_ in the test/ directories of a rebar3 project, and running all properties (functions of arity 0 with a prop_ prefix) in them.


  • The plugin relies on the 1.1.1-beta hex package of proper.
  • No tests yet


Add the plugin to your rebar config:

%% the plugin itself
{plugins, [rebar3_proper]}.
%% The PropEr dependency is still required to compile the test cases
    [{test, [
        {deps, [{proper, "1.1.1-beta"}]}

Then just call your plugin directly in an existing application:

Usage: rebar3 proper [-d <dir>] [-m <module>] [-p <properties>]
                     [-n <numtests>] [-v <verbose>] [-c [<cover>]]
                     [--long_result <long_result>]
                     [--start_size <start_size>] [--max_size <max_size>]
                     [--max_shrinks <max_shrinks>]
                     [--noshrink <noshrink>]
                     [--constraint_tries <constraint_tries>]
                     [--spec_timeout <spec_timeout>]
                     [--any_to_integer <any_to_integer>]

  -d, --dir           directory where the property tests are located
                      (defaults to "test")
  -m, --module        name of one or more modules to test (comma-separated)
  -p, --prop          name of properties to test within a specified module
  -n, --numtests      number of tests to run when testing a given property
  -v, --verbose       each propertie tested shows its output or not
                      (defaults to true)
  -c, --cover         generate cover data [default: false]
  --retry             If failing test case counterexamples have been
                      stored, they are retried [default: false]
  --long_result       enables long-result mode, displaying
                      counter-examples on failure rather than just false
  --start_size        specifies the initial value of the size parameter
  --max_size          specifies the maximum value of the size parameter
  --max_shrinks       specifies the maximum number of times a failing test
                      case should be shrunk before returning
  --noshrink          instructs PropEr to not attempt to shrink any
                      failing test cases
  --constraint_tries  specifies the maximum number of tries before the
                      generator subsystem gives up on producing an
                      instance that satisfies a ?SUCHTHAT constraint
  --spec_timeout      duration, in milliseconds, after which PropEr
                      considers an input to be failing
  --any_to_integer    converts instances of the any() type to integers in
                      order to speed up execution

All of PropEr's standard configurations that can be put in a consult file can be put in {proper_opts, [Options]}. in your rebar.config file.


  • 0.7.0: fix bug with include paths of hrl files from parent apps, support counterexamples with --retry
  • 0.6.3: fix bug with cover-compiling in rebar 3.2.0 and above again
  • 0.6.2: fix bug with cover-compiling in rebar 3.2.0 and above
  • 0.6.1: fix bug on option parsing in config files
  • 0.5.0: switches to package dependencies
  • 0.4.0: switches license to BSD with templates
  • 0.3.0: code coverage supported
  • 0.2.0: basic functionality
  • 0.1.0: first commits