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«Only asd please!» Anti-spam WordPress plugin

This astonishing-simple and really-effective anti-SPAM system just works. It definitively protects your WordPress site from SPAM without imposing annoying CAPTCHAs, configurations, third-party services, blockchains, artificial intelligence or unicorns. Oh, just avoid comments without asd when not logged-in :^)

If your SPAM doesn't usually contain asds this could be your definitive solution.

Join the asd party in the asdfest Telegram Group

Why it works

You can't really stop SPAM-bots. Bots try to submit tons of comments without asds.

Here is the idea: applying a small "only asd please!" netiquette you can pratically kill every SPAM-bot of this kind at their deep intentions, before even reaching your database.

Tl;dr If you write asd, you are a good human.


  • The SPAM is just dropped before reaching your database
  • It does not annoy the average user (have you said CAPTCHA?)
  • It does not need maintainment (have you said public blacklist?)
  • It counts how much spam the system has blocked (for your personal satisfaction)
  • You can display this counter from your Dashboard or from the [no_links_please_anti_spam_counter] shortcode
  • Very lightweight and KISS design (keep it simple and stupid)
  • It has not crapware

Known bugs

  • None! Only features. asd


As every WordPress plugin:

  1. Download this repository as .zip file (
  2. Activate the plugin


To customize the error message put this somewhere in the functions.php of your WordPress theme:

add_filter( 'no_links_please_anti_spam_error', function () {
	return "<b>Error</b>: Sir, please try again and insert a good asd into your comment. Yes, your comment was just dropped. Apologies, but SPAM is a bad beast.";
} );

To customize the netiquette message put this instead:

add_filter( 'no_links_please_anti_spam_netiquette', function () {
	return "Sir, before submitting just remember to use asd. Cheers!";
} );


I would like to thank the veteran unix sysadmin Massimo Nuvoli as my spiritual reference in mastering about Italian profanities, and for his talk about SPAM fighting at Linux Day Torino 2018 as well.

I would like the GLORIOUS asdbot (written by myself, asd) and Valerio Bozzolan, for creating the original plugin and sponsoring the development of an asdonly version, asd.


Another KISS anti-SPAM solution for WordPress introducing the only asd policy






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