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TIWIZI is a fault localizer for debugging meta-models. The main purpose of the tool is to help users during the task of meta-model design.

The input of the tool are:

  • Meta-model: (.ecore file)
  • Candidates values: they consists of bounds for unbounded references for the meta-model and a fixed number of instances for each class of the meta-model.

The role of TIWIZI is to checks that the meta-model and its candidate values are consistant, i.e., it is possible to generate at least one instance of the meta-model using these candidate values.

The tool answers yes or give a list of fixing suggestions to correct the meta-model or to modify the candidate values.

Download it

You can clone the project. It is totally open source.

How it works

This is a fault localizer for model generation process. The input of TIWIZI are: an ecore meta-model and candidate values. Candidate values give the number of instances per class you want to generate. For specifying candidate values, you can use .grimm files exactly as in grimm tool

Fixing suggestions

The main goal of TIWIZI is to give you fixing suggestions for your meta-model, when you meet a failure during model generation.

After that, a pdf-creator collects all the suggestions computed by TIWIZI and summarise them into one single pdf file with a user-friendly syntax highlighting. Here you can see an example


To run tiwizi, you should download the tiwizi.jar file or compile the project

Quick start

We provide a toy example (simpleHouse.ecore metamodel and House.grimm configuration file)
You can run it quickly if you type this command without parameters:
java -jar tiwizi.jar


Type this command to get help:
java -jar tiwizi.jar -h


tiwizi -[options string] meta-model rootClass configFile


all 4 parameters are mandatory

	-g generate a configuration file (filepath=configFile)
	-c check consistency with given meta-model, rootClass and configFile
	-v Verbose mode. Create .tiwizi file containing all log information
	    and a pdf file gathering all fixing suggestions with syntax highlighting
	Ecore meta-model filepath
	rootClass of given meta-model
	.grimm configuration File

EXAMPLES of possible combinations

tiwizi -h
tiwizi -g cooking.ecore Kitchen cooking.grimm
tiwizi -c cooking.ecore Kitchen cooking.grimm
tiwizi -cv cooking.ecore Kitchen cooking.grimm


TIWIZI is a fault localizer and a debugger for meta-models. Its main purpose is to assist designers of meta-models.




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