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Trip Planner

Created by Laura Freeman, Farrah Lee, Sangchul Hwang, and William Kwok for INFO 343 A Winter 2018. Link to the website

About our project

We have created an application that allows the user to interactively create a travel itinerary, see data about their budget, and mark their reservations. The clients of our web application will be tourists who want to plan a complex schedule for their trip, or just using the budgeting feature. Our application is focused towards end users that like to have control of every aspect of their schedule and have an interactive interface for planning. Learn more about how to use it on our about page.

Our application shares information about what the user has planned already, what their current estimated cost is versus their max budget (segmented by category). Users are able to interactively create their itinerary, similar to Google Calendar.

Our project is open source, and modules can be added for more features very easily using the React framework.

Similar solutions

Google Calendar, Expedia Trip Planner, and other trip planners are similar applications.

Google Calendar is the most similar, but it is not specifically focused towards travel, and doesn't let the user add a lot of information that may be relevant to a trip.

Other trip planners have a lot of established architecture for place suggestions or reservation makers, but none we found had an intuitive interface, so we attempted to make a "best of both worlds" application, to create a Google Calendar with trip planning in mind.

Modules used

  • classnames for conditionally joining classNames together for reactstrap tabContent.
  • firebase for authentication, data storage, and image storage.
  • lodash to sort arrays and objects throughout the project quickly.
  • material-ui for a very clean user interface that looks and feels great.
  • material-ui-datetimepicker to combine material ui date picker and time picker together for creating calendar events.
  • moment used for localization with the Big Calendar on the Itinerary page.
  • react for providing a framework for us to organize the state of our application that allows fluid user interaction.
  • react-big-calendar used for a calendar interface with the Itinerary page.
  • react-flexbox-grid to create a nice seamless desktop and mobile friendly interface.
  • react-fontawesome for nice icons.
  • react-router-dom to create a seamless web application where the user can see details without lag.
  • reactstrap for the tabContent that our application revolves around and a sleek looking progress bar that we use on the Budget page.

Database structure

  {{USER}} // key that corresponds to user's UID in firebase
      {{TRIP}} // key that corresponds to a trip
        budget: integer
        categories: array of strings, with one element ALWAYS being "Uncategorized"
        dateEnd: integer corresponding to Unix Epoch Milliseconds (always greater than dateStart)
        dateStart: integer corresponding to Unix Epoch Milliseconds
          airlineName: string
          arrivalTime: integer corresponding to Unix Epoch Milliseconds
          confirmation: string
          departTime: integer corresponding to Unix Epoch Milliseconds
        endLocation: string
          {{EVENT}} // key that corresponds to an event
            cost: integer
            description: string
            eventEnd: integer corresponding to Unix Epoch Milliseconds
            eventStart: integer corresponding to Unix Epoch Milliseconds
            eventName: string
            location: string
            reservation: boolean
            type: string
        notes: string
          {{PURCHASE}} // key that corresponds to a purchase
            cost: integer
            eventName: string of item bought (named eventName for easier coding)
            type: string
          airlineName: string
          arrivalTime: integer corresponding to Unix Epoch Milliseconds
          confirmation: string
          departTime: integer corresponding to Unix Epoch Milliseconds
        startLocation: string
        tripName: string
        travelers: array of strings

Problems, bugs, and future fixing plans

  • Switching between trips on the itinerary page doesn't update the calendar to the correct week if the starting weeks are different. This was fixed before by using functions that react-big-calendar. provided, but then mysteriously stopped working a couple days later. Perhaps an external change affected how it was working.
  • When logging in for the first time, the top right "Welcome, _______" message didn't get the current user's displayName correctly, so we used a workaround where if it couldn't find it, we had it only appear as "Welcome."
  • Integration with external APIs such as Expedia's reservation API or trip suggestions API from Google, based on our user's data of remaining budget, total budget, location, etc.
  • Map paths and display events using react-leaflet
  • D3 to display budget statistics, and other possible statistics.
  • Budgeting on a per-traveler basis.
  • Code optimization at points (Dialog popups for example reused a lot of code).
  • Date on calendar not in mm/dd format, but in dd/mm format.
  • Week box going from Sunday to Saturday instead of Monday to Sunday.
  • Cost appearing as 0 (and being unable to delete it) on Itinerary edit box if no cost was specified.
  • Error message appearing in wrong areas, potentially.


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