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Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/X/Prepar3D

Main Author: Florian Fermin

What is this?

This repository contains source files from OryxSim Toronto Pearson, which was originally a payware scenery project for Microsoft Flight Simulator but due to personal reasons this sadly never made it to release. Despite numerous attempts by myself over the last years to bring the project to completion, its complexity and overwhelming nature have unfortunately led to me being unable to complete it. I'm publishing these files as I still wish that this project will be realized.

What can I do with these files?

You can use the files to develop the scenery further. Or use them as examples to develop your own project.

I don't understand what to do with some of these files.

I'll be making a comprehensive wiki to try and explain as much as I can. In addition, Readme files will point you to tools needed to open all files. Please see contact details below in case you need further guidance. I realize that this repository is very technical in nature, so I'm happy to help out. At the same time, in case it concerns basic questions, you may get a faster response from the fantastic FS developmer community at . They have an excellent wiki available as well at: .

Recommended Software

Below is a list of software along with links that I recommend you install to open all the files.


I would like to use part of this project

That's fine by me, as long as it's a non-commercial endeavour. I'm generally fine with commercial use as well but decided to not license it in this manner to avoid the situation that someone publishes a commercial Toronto scenery out of this. My goal here is that if this project were to be completed it will be available as freeware.

Should you wish to use parts (think taxilights and PAPI's or whatever components you might find useful) in another scenery I'm more than happy to license those parts of charge. However please get in touch to obtain explicit written permission so I know what's happening. For contact details see below.

What's in this repository

Status 18 May 2019:

  • Most gmax scenes available.

Current state of the project

As of right now the following things exist. Unfortunately a substantial amount of files from later development has been lost and I continue to look for them.

  • Resample Ground Polygon (recreated in Winter 2018/19), with blend mask and seasonal variations (does not include night!)
  • Gmax ground polygon for FS2004
  • Taxiway lines for Gmax ground polygon
  • Various other markings including runways, files with the layers for use in ModelConverterX are included.
  • Taxiway lights and their placement for Gmax ground polygon
  • Taxiway signs from the 2014/2015 era. Does not include the new taxiway Foxtrot.
  • ADE File that largely lines up with the Gmax lines.
  • SCASM runways, source code provided
  • Lightmasts
  • All buildings that existed in 2014/2015, only exception is the GateGourmet building infield. Some newer buildings (in the general aviation area in particular) may be missing.
    • Note that some buildings were developed externally and not by me. In those cases, the Gmax scenes are missing but you'll find some other format present instead (3DS).
  • All terminals (1, 3, 3 satellite and infield)
  • Link train all the way to Viscount station
  • Petro Canada area.


For any questions, please contact me at .


Source files for OryxSim Toronto Pearson X - Gmax Scenes are available under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.



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