Seven reasons why you should implement scala right now
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7 Reasons Why You Should Give Scala a Try Now

By now you probably have heard about scala, it's the functionall-oop language that big guys like Twitter or LinkedIn are using lately. Perhaps you're still sceptic about this, and think that this is "Yet Another Language", that the hype will not last.

Also, everyone seems to be talking about some particular features of Scala, like actors, that look nice, sound nice but you realize you're never gonna use them anyway.

This guide tries to answer a simple question: "What does scala bring to the table, right now, to my existing java applications?".

I'm going to talk about the features I consider important, so this guide might be biased. Hopefully someone else will find this useful to give scala a shot, or to convince his/her boss to do it.

I've separated it on 7 reasons (this number might vary):

  1. Java Integration
  2. Better Separation of Concerns with Traits [in progress]
  3. Type Inference (where is it helpful?) [in progress]
  4. Functions are "first class citizens" (What does this mean? and why does it matter?) [in progress]
  5. Good abstractions over concurrency [in progress]
  6. Sbt (Simple Build Tool)[in progress]
  7. Great Community [in progress]