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Custom Apis

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How to work with other Apis

You probably will have to work with an api that's not supported out of the box by Scribe. This is almost as easy, you'll just gonna need to create a simple class.

Creating your Api class

Let's suppose you want to work with a 1.0a provider called Jimbo, it's api has the following endpoints:

request token:
access token:
authorize:<your token here>

Scribe does not support it out of the box so naturally, you panic. Don't. The only thing you need to do is make your JimboApi.class like this:

public class JimboApi extends DefaultApi10a
  private static final String AUTHORIZE_URL = "";

  public String getAccessTokenEndpoint()
    return "";

  public String getRequestTokenEndpoint()
    return "";

  public String getAuthorizationUrl(Token requestToken)
    return String.format(AUTHORIZE_URL, requestToken.getToken());


Create the Jimbo service

 OAuthService service = new ServiceBuilder()

The default signature type for Scribe uses the request's header. If your API uses query string parameters for the signature, be sure to add:


after the apiSecret.

That's it!

Well you got it! easy right?

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