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Missing 'scribe' instead of 'scribe-node' for npm name

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1 parent 7923d16 commit 0796cf13c4ddd45120c01b96e45c6c0ee8dd553f @fernandezpablo85 committed Dec 27, 2011
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@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ I will use xml2json parser here to transform xml formatted response from Google
And then from coffee eval loop:
- scribe = require('scribe').load(['GoogleApi'])
+ scribe = require('scribe-node').load(['GoogleApi'])
parser = require('xml2json').toJson
service = new scribe.ServiceBuilder()

2 comments on commit 0796cf1

path of the main script of the lib is scribe-node / lib / scribe.js so isn't it rather require('scribe') that we use to import?

Oh, I'm still a newb with coffee / node but the import with plain 'scribe' wasn't working for me :S

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