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Emacs helper functions for working in android
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Android helper functions for Emacs


This is simply a bunch of helpers for develop android using emacs.

If you are trying to use emacs for working in android code, you should take a look at:


Package is available at melpa, so you could simply:

(use-package android-env
  :after hydra
  :bind (("C-c a" . hydra-android/body))
  (setq android-env-executable "./gradlew")
  (setq android-env-test-command "connectedDevDebugAndroidTest")
  (setq android-env-unit-test-command "testDevDebug")

Or use the package manager of your choice.

Notice that in case you are using hydras you'll want to load this package after hydra and make use of hydra-android defined in the execution of (android-env).

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