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A lightweight shell for Twitter botmaking

This is for Python version 3


  1. Generally do NOT put your API credentials in your source code
  2. API creds are sensitive information that can control access to accounts
  3. I'm only doing this so you can have an easy demo

Setup Steps

Here are some things you should make sure are done before working with this repository.

  1. Install Python3 You can get this for free on the Python website -

  2. Create a Python virtual environment python -m venv my_venv

  3. Turn on the virtual environment On Mac or Linux source my_venv/bin/activate On Windows my_venv\Scripts\activate After this your terminal/command prompt should look something like this (my_venv) $ or this (my_venv) C:\Users\yourusername>.

  4. Install Twython Now that your Python virtual environment is turned on you should be able to install Twython with:

    pip install twython

    But if you have any issues you can check the documentation here:

  5. Then you can start working in the file to get your bot up and running.

  6. When you're done, run the program in your terminal or command prompt: python