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Ticket Owl

An alternate explaination of how to use this can be found on my website here

Let's say you want to see when some arbitrary text appears or dissapears from a website and be notified via email or text.

Maybe you need to:

  • Check if your favorite musican has opened ticket sales for their next show
  • Monitor some webpage and check for certain text
  • See if a webpage has changed from a previous version and be notified of the differences (a feature in development)

Whatever the case, you want an easy way run these checks and be notified via a text message or email depending on the results. You can do this easily with Ticket Owl. Ticket Owl is a project written in Python3 that relies on the Serverless Framework and AWS to run periodic jobs to check for various conditions on websites.

Ticket Owl can run jobs defined in a configuration file or you can write your own custom logic using provided helpers.

What I'll assume you already have installed:

  1. An AWS Account
  2. The Serverless Framework

Here's how to start using Ticket Owl:

  1. Clone the repo: git clone
  2. Either write your own alert processes in using the helpers in OR write some jobs in
  3. Optionally change the schedule: rate(5 minutes) in the serverless.yml file to to any aws schedule expression. This will allow you to determine how frequently you want to check on the website you're interested in.
  4. Optionally change the timeout: 6 value from 6 to a larger number if you are running many jobs
  5. Optionally verify an SES email in AWS if you want to use the email alerts feature
  6. Deploy your service to aws with sls deploy


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