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botNameRemover (Python) -
Removes the botname of files in the format “botName.nameOfFile.extension” to

Warning: It will apply this transformation to all files in the folder.

Example of usage:

% python ~

downloader (Python) -

A simple command line downloader. Supports HTTP/FTP. For FTP there is a
prompt asking for a username/password which can be left blank for anonymous login.

Example of usage:

% python ~

EVEMineralCost (Python) -
EVE Online script to grab mineral prices from eve-central and calculate how much
a certain quantity of minerals cost based on those prices. After the initial
execution the user will be prompted for amounts, leave blank for 0 quantity of
the mineral.

Example of usage:

% python

Image Organize (Python) -

Organizes Images by resolutions. The way to define which resolutions
to sort is done by creating the folders previously with the name
“[width][sep][height]” (by default sep = ‘x’) the ones that do not fit these
resolutions will be sorted to “unsorted” folder (is automatically created if it
doesn’t exist).

Example of usage:

% python ~/Desktop/Wallpapers

Will transfer all the images by resolutions from ~/Desktop/Wallpapers to

Renamer (Java) -

Useful for frame by frame animation. Renames image files in a folder to a
sequence as “project_0001.jpg” and so on.


Double-click to Rename.
Right click to Preview.

Use the appropriate fields to change project name and counter.

A pre-compiled version can be found here.

All the code in this repository is released under GPLv3.
For more information about GPLv3 please go here.