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Commits on Nov 20, 2010
  1. @Whiteknight
Commits on Nov 18, 2010
  1. @Whiteknight
  2. @Whiteknight
  3. @plobsing

    [codetest] trailing space

    plobsing authored
  4. @jkeenan
  5. @jkeenan
  6. @jkeenan
  7. @bacek

    Remove old mk_gitignore tool to generate .gitignore from svn-based MA…

    bacek authored
    …NIFEST.SKIP. We are in git now
  8. @jkeenan

    Set a meaningful result when skipping config step due to no .git. Dem…

    jkeenan authored
    …onstrate all execution paths via test files.
  9. @jkeenan

    Remove unnecessary import.

    jkeenan authored
Commits on Nov 17, 2010
  1. to make no noise in a release tarball

    gerd authored
  2. @plobsing
  3. @plobsing


    plobsing authored
  4. @plobsing


    plobsing authored
  5. @plobsing

    remove deprecated_ops dynops lib

    plobsing authored
    this is now empty and can be removed
  6. @plobsing

    remove Parrot_clear_x()

    plobsing authored
    These were used to implement the now-removed clear_x ops.
    They should be removed for the same reasons the ops were removed.
  7. @plobsing


    plobsing authored
  8. @plobsing
  9. @plobsing
  10. make git_describe more sure

    gerd authored
  11. @coke

    Shorten the description, make output fit on 1 line.

    coke authored
    (The value returned by this config step is very long.)
  12. remove deprecation notice for exchange op

    plobsing authored
    this has been completed
  13. @leto
  14. @plobsing

    remove exchange op tests

    plobsing authored
  15. @plobsing

    remove exchange dynop

    plobsing authored
  16. @fperrad

    [languages] missing ook

    fperrad authored
  17. @fperrad
  18. @plobsing

    deprecate pkg-config support

    plobsing authored
  19. @plobsing

    add gsoc_nci merge to news

    plobsing authored
  20. @plobsing


    plobsing authored
  21. @plobsing

    dead code removal

    plobsing authored
    This was added with gsoc_nci. However, that portion of gsoc_nci was not
    completed and has been culled. This is not the appropriate tool for creating
    nci thunks at the current time.
Commits on Nov 16, 2010
  1. @NotFound
  2. @jkeenan
  3. @leto

    Merge branch 'gsoc_nci'

    leto authored
  4. @jkeenan
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