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branch: mappedbytearray
Commits on Nov 28, 2010
  1. @NotFound
  2. @NotFound
  3. @NotFound

    fix a check for nullness that must be STING_IS_NULLness in dynamic lo…

    NotFound authored
    …ading that was causing some segfaults
  4. @jkeenan

    Adapt tests to cover all execution paths in the current, git-oriented…

    jkeenan authored
    … version
    of config/auto/
  5. @allisonrandal
  6. @allisonrandal
  7. @allisonrandal
  8. @allisonrandal

    Fix call in ifdef'd code for ia64 arch, signature of trace_mem_block …

    allisonrandal authored
    …was changed, but call not updated.
  9. @NotFound
Commits on Nov 27, 2010
  1. @allisonrandal
  2. @NotFound
  3. @NotFound
  4. @mikehh

    fix test to aviod passing TODO's

    mikehh authored
    I think this test is redundant at present as it was svn related
    and should probably be removed from the repository
  5. @bacek

    One more fix of GC MS2 for tracing stack pointers. Strings are stored…

    bacek authored
    … in different Pointer_Array
  6. @NotFound
  7. @NotFound

    codingstd fixes

    NotFound authored
  8. @NotFound

    wrong MANIFEST too

    NotFound authored
  9. @NotFound

    ooops, wrong filename

    NotFound authored
  10. @NotFound
  11. @NotFound
Commits on Nov 26, 2010
  1. @bacek
  2. @mikehh
  3. @leto

    Revert "[t] Add a basic test for the Addrinfo PMC"

    leto authored
    This reverts commit 7ad73bd.
    This commit should have gone into the tt1798_ipv6 branch. I did
    not releaze that the Addrinfo PMC was added in that branch.
  4. @leto
  5. @Whiteknight
  6. @mikehh
  7. @mattrajca
  8. @Whiteknight
  9. @Whiteknight
  10. @Whiteknight
Commits on Nov 25, 2010
  1. @NotFound
  2. @leto

    [docs] Improve some git docs and formatting

    leto authored
    Adding some information about C<git commit -a> and reformatted
    some docs to be more copy-paste friendly.
  3. @NotFound

    use common style for open mode parameter, improve mode handling and d…

    NotFound authored
    …iagnostics and clean coding std
  4. @NotFound
  5. remove some svn related stuff

    Gerd Pokorra authored
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