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😎 swag opportunities for developers
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As a developer, nothing piques my interest more than developer swag! This is an attempt to list down the current swag opportunities for developers.

Feel free to send a PR! πŸ˜„

Featured on Changelog Nightly, Changelog Weekly, Hacker News, reddit, Product Hunt πŸ¦„

Sign up at to get notified of new swag opportunities!! πŸ’― [View the Archive]


All swag opportunities can be found at 😎


Feel free to open an issue (or even better, send a Pull Request) for expanding this list. Contributions are very welcome!! πŸ˜„

Note that a PR needs to reach a certain level of engagement before it gets merged. This criteria is kept to maintain the quality of this list. The current list of open PRs can be found here:

As this project is community-driven, it'd be really helpful if you comment on the PR when you receive the corresponding swag. This would help in merging it faster. πŸ˜‡

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