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Office RibbonX Editor v1.6.0.493

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What's New

This release focuses on bringing a multi-tab layout to the tool (#58). This allows you to:

  • Switch between different custom UI layouts easily without losing the undo history, find results and / or list of XML validation errors (until you close their tabs)
  • View inserted icons in their own tab

Note: in this new tab-based layout, you need to double-click a UI file in the tree view to view its XML contents (instead of single-clicking it as in previous versions).

Binaries for .NET Core 3.0 have also been added. These are experimental and might cause issues due to some libraries not being fully compatible with .NET Core 3.0 yet.

There have been many additional enhancements, bug fixes and stability improvements in general. For a full list of those, see the Changes section below.

Note: As of this version too, both the installer and executable are cryptographically signed. In the long therm, this should prevent security warnings in Windows due to untrusted software being executed (see #74). This will not take effect immediately, as it is a reputation system based on the number of downloads. Similarly, when attempting to download the assets, some browsers might show warning messages indicating these are not commonly downloaded, but it is completely safe to do so.

How to install / use

Download one of the items from the Assets section below.

Compressed .zip files do not require installation (i.e. will not create any entry in the control panel's program list). When feasible, these will contain a single .exe file.

The .NET Framework builds require at least version 4.6.1 of the .NET Framework Runtime. The .NET Core builds are still experimental and require at least version 3.0 of the .NET Core Runtime (the one for desktop apps is enough). If you need any of these runtimes, check Microsoft's .NET download page.

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  • #72: Improve unhandled exception handling
  • #73: Reorganise solution
  • #61: Tab naming
  • #59: Insert Samples
  • #58: Multi-tab editor


  • #75: Generate Callbacks
  • #68: [Save] doesn't 'dim' after a Save, plus ...
  • #71: Validation error window not cleared after correction and re-validating
  • #69: Items missing in recent file list
  • #67: Editor Closes Unexpectedly
  • #66: Replace All does not do anything
  • #65: Find dialog clears the search text if the word is already on the list
  • #62: Rename icon tabs when ID has been changed in the tree view
  • #55: After clicking Save, Office RibbonX Editor closes and does not keep changes
  • #56: No error message shown when trying to save read-only files
  • #57: Tool shuts down when closing a single document


  • #77: Create custom unhandled exception dialog [#72]
  • #76: Reorganise solution [#73]
  • #60: Multi-tab editor
  • #54: .NET Core 3.0 support

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