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Added to the GAS configuration form a field that allows to the tech r…

…eferrers to change the days count before which the GAS members are notified when an order is closed or delivered.
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1 parent e5b7ef4 commit 76cdd8f90221cedc913bb51fb055a3dd08c63be0 Matteo Micheletti committed May 25, 2012
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@@ -155,14 +155,16 @@ class GASConfigAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
form = GASConfigForm
save_on_top = True
- list_display = ('gas', 'default_close_day', 'order_show_only_next_delivery', 'order_show_only_one_at_a_time', 'default_delivery_day', 'is_active')
+ list_display = ('gas', 'default_close_day', 'order_show_only_next_delivery', 'order_show_only_one_at_a_time', 'default_delivery_day','is_active')
+ #COMMENT MM: added notice_days_before_order_close to the form, now tech referrers can
+ #COMMENT MM: change the days count before which its GAS(es) is (are) notified of an o #COMMENT MM: rder will close or delivered
fieldsets = ((_("Configuration"), {
'fields' : ('order_show_only_next_delivery', 'order_show_only_one_at_a_time',
'gasmember_auto_confirm_order', #KO by fero always True until Gasista Felice 2.0: 'auto_populate_products',
'default_close_day', 'default_close_time', 'default_delivery_day',
'default_delivery_time', 'can_change_delivery_place_on_each_order',
'default_delivery_place', 'can_change_withdrawal_place_on_each_order',
- 'default_withdrawal_place', 'is_active'),
+ 'default_withdrawal_place','notice_days_before_order_close','is_active'),

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