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A repository hosting OC1 MOVEMENT outcomes for EU H2020 MONROE Project
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Welcome to the movement project code repository.

This repository hosts the outcomes of project MOVEMENT, a project developing open source extensions and experiments for the EU H2020 MONROE Platform, as part of Open Call 1. MOVEMENT is carried out by Feron Technologies P.C. and COSMOTE/OTE Group. The repository contains a set of sub-projects/experiments for measuring the quality of live or experimental mobile data networks (3G/4G/4G+) including support for WiFi technologies. These experiments may be executed either at remote MONROE nodes or locally at any linux-based host equipped with mobile broadband devices (e.g. Wi-Fi/4G USB dongle, Mi-Fi, etc.).

List of software extensions

  • Mobile network benchmarking based on widely-used data testing applications:
    • Ping
    • iperf3 (direct, reverse)
    • Speedtest by Ookla
    • HTTP file transfer (upload/download)
    • Video streaming on demand using the open-source VLC player (Youtube or private video files)
  • VoIP testing and quality evaluation using open-source tools:
    • Asterisk VoIP Server
    • Linphone VoIP Client
  • WiFi/Offloading experiments:
    • Test WiFi quality
    • 4G Offloading through Wi-Fi

Except for the primary software tools shown above we also provide two additional extensions helping MONROE experimenters to:

  • Control experiments using a Smartphone application and an MQTT-based messaging framework;
  • Perform automated mobile-to-mobile VoLTE test call and analysis using VoLTE-enabled smartphones.

Repository Structure

  • benchmarking : software extensions for data and video testing
    • bench-node : the client applications (loaded in MONROE nodes)
    • bench-server : the server-side applications needed to perform the client tests (dockerized for easy deployment)
  • voip : software extensions for voice-over-IP testing
    • voip-node : the client application loaded in MONROE nodes
    • voip-server : the server-side applications needed to perform the client tests (dockerized for easy deployment)
  • wifi-offloading : software extensions related to wifi testing
    • monroeap : Preparation of a docker image for enabling MONROE node to operate as WiFi Access Point and 4G/WiFi router
    • zte : 4G/WiFi offloading tests using the ZTE MF-910 MiFi devices of MONROE hardware v1.
  • tools: other extensions not belonging to the above categories
    • android-experiment-manager: MQTT-based framework to easily control MONROE experimentation process (configure, initiate, monitor, store results) using a smartphone app.
    • volte-testing: scripts for automatically performing mobile-to-mobile VoLTE test calls in VoLTE-enabled smartphones and analyze recorded audio samples.

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