An LSD-inspired spinning emu. Yes, you read that right.
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Emu Spin


Yeah, what can I say about this site? It was an inside joke that (sort of) unintentionally went viral.

If you’re curious, I built the site as a joke for Jake (my partner). Jake has long used this emu picture as his Facebook profile picture. And for some inexplicable reason the emu got rotated 90 degrees at some point (either a bug in Facebook or he accidentally rotated it). After that, it became a running joke and it’s been rotated several times since then.

I rotated the emu once when Jake stepped away from his computer, and I can only assume that others have done the same. is a tribute to Jake’s spinning emu.

Original EmuSpin Post

Emu ... Spin?

I didn’t think anyone but Jake would enjoy the site, since it’s an inside joke. I suppose I should have known better. An odd-looking animal spinning around for no reason = instant interweb lulz. made it to Reddit. (should’ve guessed it). Here are a few of my favorite comments:

I was emused.

Surprisingly difficult to turn away from.

Anyone else expecting something profane to pop up at any moment?

Stare at his beak for a long time then look away

I can’t get drunk and write a coherent paragraph; who does LSD and builds an entire website?

A rival appears against!


EmuSpin Stats

I love the Internet.

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