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SuperTranslate (formerly called

Sheesh, I think I’m definitely obsessed with the word instant. I admit, the name "Instant.IO" doesn’t tell you much about this site’s purpose, but I had the domain name and I didn’t want to let the $50 registration go to waste (yeah non-standard TLDs are pretty expensive).

Try it out

Anyway, you have to try for yourself. It’s worth doing once (and maybe only once). :)

Stanford Hack Competition

I built this in 8 hours during the Stanford Hack Competition which I helped to organize. This was the first hack competition that my club, the Stanford ACM, organized.

We had Adam D’Angelo (founder of Quora and former Facebook CTO), Andrew Bosworth (creator of Facebook News Feed), Steve Bourne (creator of sh), and Steven Schlansker (founder of Ness) judge the hacks. The whole event went splendidly — we’re planning to do this every quarter from now on. Fun times.

Google Text-To-Speech Scraper re-uses the Google text-to-speech scraper I built when I made Brain Grinder (github repo) last month.

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