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askmatey commented Jan 6, 2016

Since JSX is intended to be used by various preprocessors (transpilers) to transform DOM tokens into standard ECMAScript and it's not a proposal to incorporate with the ECMAScript spec itself, the usage should not be restricted to only one library (react).

See feross/standard#367.

@askmatey askmatey Disable react-specific JSX restrictions
- Allow unknown properties
- Disable props validation (prop-types)
dcousens commented Jan 6, 2016

NACK, though maybe @feross we should move to create eslint-config-standard-jsx for the next standard version?
I'd be happy with these changes there.

askmatey commented Jan 8, 2016

Would it not be better simply to rename this repository into eslint-config-standard-jsx?

dcousens commented Jan 9, 2016

@askmatey and completely break repositories that are using this eslint config independently?


The original idea of standard was to define a common, simplified coding standard. Standards are paper. I use paper to wipe my butt every day. That's how much that paper is worth. But I do not see any reason to include restrictions to a single library. React specific linting rules are bloat here.

@askmatey askmatey Disable react-specific linting rules
- Do not prevent React to be incorrectly marked as unused
- Do not prevent usage of setState in componentDidUpdate
@askmatey askmatey changed the title from Disable react-specific JSX restrictions to Disable react-specific linting rules (pure JSX) Jan 21, 2016

@feross seems to be re-occurring issue.
Did we want to relax the rules here and just make explicit React support a user-specified eslint extension in 6?

Alternatively, we leave this as is (so existing users don't start making mistakes), and just make a new repository eslint-config-standard-jsx for 6.

@feross feross referenced this pull request in feross/standard Feb 5, 2016

Release proposal: standard v6 #399

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feross commented Feb 6, 2016

Thanks – this is done, though not via this PR.

standard v6 will remove all opinionated react rules, opting for just some simple JSX rules. https://github.com/feross/eslint-config-standard-jsx

@feross feross closed this Feb 6, 2016
dcousens commented Feb 7, 2016


askmatey commented Feb 7, 2016

I told you

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