Disallow template literal placeholder syntax in regular strings (no-template-curly-in-string) #594

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ECMAScript 6 allows programmers to create strings containing variable or expressions using template literals, instead of string concatenation, by writing expressions like ${variable} between two backtick quotes (). It can be easy to use the wrong quotes when wanting to use template literals, by writing"${variable}", and end up with the literal value"${variable}"` instead of a string containing the value of the injected expressions.

This rule aims to warn when a regular string contains what looks like a template literal placeholder. It will warn when it finds a string containing the template literal place holder (${something}) that uses either " or ' for the quotes.


Likely to be uncontroversial and only one test repo fails so I will merge this into standard v8 beta.

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Fixes: feross/standard#594
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Release proposal: standard v8 #564

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tunnckoCore commented Aug 24, 2016 edited

I don't see fit for this restriction. There may not be failing repos, but that's not the case. It's pretty logical to have some template engine working with that to emulate it intentionally.

It's not my case, it's not a problem for me, just wanted to mention it.

edit: This one for example https://github.com/tunnckoCore/es6-template (and it's not the only one, i'm sure) - I don't use it, but it would be a problem for someone.

feross commented Aug 25, 2016

@tunnckoCore You can instruct users of polyfills like that one to just add this to the top of their file:

/* eslint-disable no-template-curly-in-string */

Huh, actually, yea. Thanks.

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Update dependencies #873

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