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List of some of my favorite hackathons.
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👨‍🎤 Jorge Ferreiros's favorite list of hackathons

I love hackathons, and I've been mentored, hacker and speaker. Here is a list of hackathons I know or I have attended.

Dev Starter kit for your next hackathon.

If you are looking for a dev starter-kit for your next hackathon,

🔗Jorge Ferreiros's hackathon starter kit


  • 🗣I have spoken in the hackathon
  • 👨‍ I have being a judge in the hackathon
  • 🚀I have participated as a hacker

Where to find hackathons?

United States

  • PennApps (UPenn, University of Pennsylvania). ❤️👨‍⚖️🗣
  • HackMIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
  • Cal Hacks (UC Berkeley).
  • Hack The North (University of Waterloo).
  • Hack Harvard (Harvard University).
  • Treehacks and health++ (Stanford University).
  • DubHacks (University of Washington).
  • Hack Duke (Duke University).
  • HackGT6.


  • HackUPC (Barcelona) ❤️👨‍⚖️🗣🚀
  • Hack Zurich.


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