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⚡️Project for Progressive web app workshop at Pennapps (University of Pennsylvania)
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🚀 Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) 101

Welcome to a simple React application with Progressive Web Apps functionalities 🙌


  • ⚙️ Offline mode: It works even when you don't have internet connection.
  • ❤️ Add to favorite: Follow your favorite artists from the agenda.
  • 🎯 Local notifications: Subscribe to your favorite events, and you will be notified.

Watch the workshop

This project was made as a part of a workshop about Progressive Web Applications. Check it out if you wanna see explanation of the code.

This project is part of a workshop about Progressive Web Applications I've been doing:

Setup your SSL certificate

To run some PWA features we need to have a secure server. In order to do that, just simply run:

  1. $ yarn setup
openssl req -x509 -out ./certificates/localhost.cert -keyout ./certificates/localhost.key \
  -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -sha256 \
  -subj '/CN=localhost' -extensions EXT -config <( \
   printf "[dn]\nCN=localhost\n[req]\ndistinguished_name = dn\n[EXT]\nsubjectAltName=DNS:localhost\nkeyUsage=digitalSignature\nextendedKeyUsage=serverAuth")

How to install and develop locally?

  1. Clone this repo locally: $ git clone
  2. Go to the project folder and run yarn install
  3. yarn dev => This will create two servers, one of the backend server and the other one a dev server for the react application.

Hot reload

In development, all your frontend assets and app will be automatically rebuild! Also, it will automatically reload the browser! Yay.

Note If you do changes to the backend, you will need to manually refresh the website. Sorry guys, didn't have time to do this (and it's really late now)! haha.


💬 Create a new Pull Request


If you have some doubts or want to stay in touch I'll be happy to help you out or collaborate on new projects. You can reach me here:

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