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A frantic shoot-em-up for the 2014 js13kGames competition
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Take to the skies in Air Fury, a dog-fighting and ship bombing shoot-em-up where you must fight wave after wave of enemies to beat your high score.

This is an an entry for the 2014 js13kGames competition. The game concept is inspired by LUFTRAUSERS, by Vlambeer.

##Instructions Move Forward: W or Up
Turn: A or Left and D or Right
Fire: Space
Focus (Slow-motion): Shift
Pause: P

Stay in bounds and out of the water to blast enemy planes and ships. Hold shift to trigger Focus, and slow down time to destroy the enemies. If you take damage, stop shooting to repair your aircraft. Good luck!

##Browser Support For the best experience, use Chrome. Safari is a close second, but I have disabled sound effects to improve performance. Firefox has a low framerate and I did not test in Internet Explorer. Stick to Chrome.

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