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Bootstrapping Embedded Development in Rust
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Zero to Main - Rust

Explorations of different ways to bootstrap a Rust application on a Cortex-M based MCU.

These examples use a Decawave DWM1001-DEV board, based on a Nordic nRF52832.

The following scenarios are currently covered:

  • from-scratch: Writing a basic Blinkylight hello world with no external libraries
  • ztm-hello: A basic Blinkylight hello world, using libraries that provide common functionality


  • Windows, Mac, or Linux version supported by Rust
  • A version of Segger JLinkGDBServer
  • Rust v1.31.0 or abive

Please refer to the installation instructions from the Embedded Rust book for configuring your system


cargo build builds all apps

Flashing and Running

cargo run will build, flash, and begin a GDB debugging section for all applications

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