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Version 0.10.9
* Fix including nil comment fields in new comments [GH-19] (thanks @idris)
Version 0.10.8
* Fix RemoteAPI#add_worklog_and_auto_adjust_remaining_estimate (thanks @justfalter)
* Make JIRA::Worklog#start_date return a Time object instead of a DateTime object (thanks @justfalter)
Version 0.10.7
* Add RemoteAPI#issue_with_parent (thanks @softwarealliesadmin)
Version 0.10.6
* Add JIRAService.instance_with_token
Version 0.10.5
* Make jiraSOAP compatible with Ruby 1.8.7+ (thanks @wapcaplet)
Version 0.10.4
* Fix JIRA::Worklog#start_date typo (was start_data) (thanks @FDj)
Version 0.10.3
* Fix RemoteAPI#create_issue problem with setting a non-default reporter (thanks @toddtomkinson)
Version 0.10.2
* Fix RemoteAPIAdditions#custom_field_with_name (thanks @mpaclark)
Version 0.10.1
* Fix a documentation error with the new attachments API (thanks Vincent Beau)
Version 0.10.0
* Add RemoteAPI#add_attachments_to_issue_with_key (thanks @rjharmon)
* Add RemoteAPI#components_for_project_with_key (thanks @rjharmon)
* Fix a typo in RemoteAPI#progress_workflow_action (thanks Vincent Beau)
* Deprecate RemoteAPI#add_base64_encoded_attachments_to_issue_with_key (thanks @rjharmon)
* Remove deprecated methods from previous release
* Begin making the test suite public
Version 0.9.2
* Remove unneeded httpclient dependency
Version 0.9.1
* Fix a typo in the deprecation warning
Version 0.9.0
* Deprecate RemoteAPI#get_projects_without_schemes in favour of #projects
* Properly deprecate #get_ methods
* Add RemoteAPI#progress_workflow_action (thanks Lucas Jourdes)
* Add RemoteAPI#available_action (thanks Lucas Jourdes)
* Add extra documentation about updating fields (thanks Vincent Beau)
* Various small documentation updates and tweaks
Version 0.8.6
* Add extra documentation about updating cascading fields (thanks Lucas Jourdes)
Version 0.8.5
* Add missing alias for a predicate attribute (IssueProperty#sub_task?)
Version 0.8.4
* Fix indentation of example code in documentation
Version 0.8.3
* Fix a documentation link
Version 0.8.2
* Added Issue#custom_field for getting custom field values
* Added a file of examples, ported from jira4r
* Add setters to attribute aliases
* Added a forgotten deprecation
* Updated ChangeLog with changes from 0.8.1
* Updated ChangeLog with changes from 0.8.0 (sorry!)
Version 0.8.1
* Updated README and GettingStarted guide
Version 0.8.0
* Deprecated the #get_ from methods that start with #get_
* Alias #login to #log_in and #logout to #log_out
* Added RemoteAPI#permission_to_edit_comment?
* Added UserGroup and related RemoteAPI methods
* Added RemoteAPI#add_worklog (thanks @FDj)
* Added ability to initialize JIRA::FieldValue without an array (thanks @knut)
* Various documentation updates and tweaks
* Removed handsoap parsing abstraction (roflscale for parsing)
* Removed the YARD plugin in favour of YARD 0.7 DSL documenting stuff
* Fix setting the assignee during Issue creation (thanks @ssmiech)
Version 0.7.1
* Remove AOT compiled files from gem
Version 0.7
* Added YARD extension for documentation
* Removed URL class in favour of directly using underlying objects
* Added AOT compilation for MacRuby
* Moved RemoteAPI into the JIRA namespace
* Alias #get_favourite_filter to #get_favorite_filter
* Tweaked parsing logic more in preparation for the builder generalization
* Various documentation updates
* Removed jeweler development dependency
* Removed yardstick development dependency
* General tweaking of the rakefile, gemspec, gemfile, and .yardopts
Version 0.6.1
* Added RemoteAPIAdditions module for conveniences
* Fix duplicate dependancy listings
Version 0.6
* Added RemoteAPI#get_projects_without_schemes
* Added RemoteAPI#delete_project_avatar_with_id
* Added RemoteAPI#delete_project_with_key
* Added RemoteAPI#set_project_avatar_for_project_with_key
* Added RemoteAPI#set_new_project_avatar_for_project_with_key
* Added RemoteAPI#get_resolution_date_for_issue_with_id
* Added RemoteAPI#get_resolution_date_for_issue_with_key
* Added RemoteAPI#get_project_roles and friends
* Changed parsing logic (1.5-2x faster)
* Changed Scheme#type to return a Class constant
* Changed #color in JIRA::Priority to be formatted as an array
* Alias #colour to #color in JIRA::Priority
* Changed instances of #lead to #lead_username
* Changed instances of #create_date to #create_time
* Changed instances of #last_updated to #last_updated_time
* Changed instances of #filename to #file_name
* Changed instances of #original_author to #author
* Changed instances of #reporter_name to #reporter_username
* Changed instances of #assignee_name to #assignee_username
* Consolidated Handsoap parsing extensions into NokogiriDriver
* Various documentation updates
Version 0.5
* Begin summarizing changes in a changelog
* Begin abstracting parts of JIRA model
* Fixed RemoteAPI#add_version_to_project_with_key
* Added RemoteAPI#get_server_configuration
* Changed use of factories to constructors in the model
* Changed FieldValue#id to FieldValue#field_name
* Changed CustomField to CustomFieldValue
* Changed User#name to User#username
* Changed Scheme#type to return the class name
* Changed some RemoteAPI method names to be more descriptive
* Changed Avatar#content_type to Avatar#mime_type
* Various documentation updates
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