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+# Switch HTTP Drivers
+By default, `jiraSOAP` tells `handsoap` to use the `net/http` driver
+for all HTTP work. This is done so that `jiraSOAP` will work
+out-of-the-box with other Ruby implementations, namely
+MacRuby. However, `net/http` is slow compared to the other
+available HTTP drivers.
+Switching to another, more performant, HTTP driver is advisable to get
+the maximum roflscale performance from `jiraSOAP`. The HTTP driver is
+handled entirely by `handsoap`, and is very easy change, you just need
+to make sure that you have loaded `jiraSOAP` first and then tell
+`handsoap` to use a different driver. An example would look like this:
+ require 'rubygems'
+ require 'jiraSOAP'
+ Handsoap.http_driver = :curb
+Which would change the driver to the `curb` gem. There are other
+drivers available, and an up to date list is maintained in the
+`handsoap` [README](
+__Note__: I only run the full test suite using `net/http`, but other
+drivers should be drop-in replacements that require no changes to
+`jiraSOAP` itself (with the exception of `eventmachine`).

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